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Lethal Hotline Membership

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I know when my hotline blings…. That can only mean one thing: YOU HAVE QUESTIONS. 

& good news is? I have answers. 

Gone are the days of having to choose between leaving your legal questions unanswered or pulling out your pocketbook every time you need some guidance. Which just happens to be… alot. 

Because let’s be honest. It’s the wild wild world of the WEB. & despite the fact it’s just the internet, it sometimes feels more confusing and convoluted than charlotte’s web. 

I get it. 

How do I word this in my contract? Someone is pushing my boundaries, what do I say? How do I fire this client? This person isn’t paying me, what do I do? They copied my entire website, how do I get them to stop? 

You’re not alone. In fact, you and soooo many other people have similar questions and deal with similar scenarios, I created this place just for you to ask those questions. A safe place for you to get real and reliable answers, without breaking the bank. 


What is it:

  • Legal consulting to answer your quick questions
  • Strategic legal guidance to keep you on the right track 

What it’s not:

  • Specific legal advice catered to your unique and complex situation 
  • Done for you legal services


Lethal Hotline: Your Unfair Advantage


Lethal Hotline isn't a luxury; it's your next strategic asset. We're offering a membership that flips the script on legal services. Forget hourly rates that tick away like a time bomb. We're about straightforward solutions, a flat monthly fee, and a promise: to keep you focused on growing your empire, not getting tangled in legal nets. With Lethal Hotline, you get unlimited access to fast, expert legal advice. It's like having a hotline to a legal SWAT team — sharp, efficient, and ready to go when you hit a snag.

Live Office Hours

Real-time, personalized legal guidance with our Live Office Hours gets you face-to-face with Chandler to tackle even your toughest business challenges on the spot.

Timely Legal  Advice with Q&A 

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, time isn't just money; it's opportunity, growth, and success. When legal questions arise – and they will – every second spent waiting for advice can mean a missed chance or a risk not taken. Here's where the power of timely legal advice becomes not just beneficial, but essential.

Imagine having the ability to make quick, informed decisions without the legal wait. With Lethal Hotline, that's precisely what you get. But why does unlimited access matter? Because in business, questions don't come with a schedule. They pop up in the middle of negotiations, during late-night strategy sessions, or right before a big pitch

In the Lethal Hotline Membership, you have access to an active Q&A hub Monday-Friday for legal support.

Legal Resource Library

Gain exclusive access to our resource section, loaded with a wide array of practical legal trainings and in-depth guides, all designed to provide you with the essential knowledge and resources to confidently manage your business's legal needs.

Have a question? 


Find answers to our most asked questions at our Shop FAQ page or email us at hello@yourlethallegal.com

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