Do these contract templates work in my state? 

Yes! Contracts cross borders. These templates were drafted with general contract principles that apply across all states. 

What makes these templates better than ones I’ll find on google? 

Templates you find on Google are not niche-specific and you don’t know where they came from or who drafted them– therefore you cannot verify their legal accuracy. When you purchase a template from Lethal Legal, you can be certain they’re legally legit. 

My coach gave me a contract template… isn’t that good enough? 

Does your coach have a law degree? If you just shook your head “no”-- you have your answer. 

Can I share my templates with my friends? 

No. Purchasing any templates from Lethal Legal grants one a single-user license to the template(s). Sharing them with anyone will result in revocation of your license and immediate payment due for additional users. 

If I have multiple businesses, do I need to purchase the bundle multiple times? 

Nope! Purchasing a template grants you a single user license, which means you can use the template for any of your current or future endeavors, as long as they are your own. Sharing with others is not permitted, and neither is the resale of the templates. 

Do I get access to attorney help if I purchase a template? 

Purchasing any resource from Lethal Legal does not create an attorney-client relationship with the firm. All resources are for educational and informational purposes only.  If you’d like to work with the firm, please schedule a strategy call here. 

Are the templates easy to use? 

100! They’re plug-and-play style and extremely intuitive. The areas that require your specific information are bracketed and highlighted, and explain exactly what information you need to plug in.