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1. Ask yourself what your peace is worth

How much better would you feel about signing on new clients and launching new offers if you were certain your time, energy, and peace would be protected every. damn. time. 

2. Buy the resource(s) 

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to grow your business on a solid foundation, all you have to do is buy the resource you need– you’ll get instant access.

3. Customize & get legally legit 

Download your templates and/or watch the training, start customizing to fit your needs, and you’re officially legally legit as fast as you can say run me my check. 

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⚔️ Attorney-Drafted: Each template has been created and reviewed by an attorney to ensure you have the protection you need, when you need it most.

⚔️ Easy to Use, Easy to Understand: Our templates ditch the complicated and confusing legalease so you actually understand what your contract says (& can even confidently explain to your clients!).

⚔️ Save Time and Money: No need to invest in expensive legal services; our templates put money back in your pockets by providing you with a quick and easy legal solution! 

⚔️ Thorough and Comprehensive: Because we understand you, we understand what you need. Lethal templates cover all the clauses you need to ensure you’re set up for success. 

⚔️ Customizable to Your Needs: Tailor the terms to sync up with how you run your empire, ensuring your contract is perfectly aligned with your business (& boundaries).

⚔️ Extra Education: It’s not enough for you to just have the legal protection, we want you to UNDERSTAND how it protects you. That’s why every template comes with a video tutorial and walk-through, explaining how it works.

⚔️ Lifetime Access: Legal isn’t a one and done, and neither are our templates. With each purchase, you get lifetime access to all updates!

I know I already told you this but your contract bundle is LIFE SAVING

- Laura

We gotta be covered! Your contracts are the best investment I've made in my business!!

- Christina

the foundation of your brand’s defense

Lethal templates do a lot of you, including:

🥂 Prevent conflict: Your contract should detail every part of the working relationship. When this is done, conflict is less likely to arise because each party agreed to the terms of the agreement.It's hard to argue about something that's in writing.

🥂 Manage expectations: The deliverables, policies, and other terms of a contract let both parties know exactly what is expected of them. Laying out the expectations of each party helps set healthy boundaries. Office hours? Set them. Communication policy? Implement it.

🥂 Highlight commitment: Contracts are a communication tool. They serve as a written record highlighting the commitment of each party and hold the parties accountable to their promises they made to one another. Question about the commitment? Look to the contract.

🥂 Provide clarity and trust: Your contract outlines the rights and responsibilities of both you and the people you work with– ultimately fostering more trust and understanding in every single relationship.

🥂 Give you legal protection: Safeguard your rights, shield your intellectual property, secure your business interests, and protect your pockets– providing you with legal recourse should any dispute arise.

🥂 Create seamless transactions: Provide a transparent and seamless buying experience, encourage repeat business, and positive reviews. Helloooo lifetime clients!