Because you’ve worked
too damn hard
to defend your empire alone
or navigate the legal world with blinders on....

We've curated this 45 page e-book to not only educate you on what you need to set up a solid legal foundation, but help audit your business + brand to ensure it's set up for maximum success. By discovering the power of protection through LLC's, contracts, + trademarks, you'll be able to instantly implement tips and strategies to make your business more secure (& your mind less full of worry). 

Inside You'll Learn

  • The 3 elements of a solid legal foundation
  • How to set up an LLC
  • How to get an EIN
  • When to open a business bank account
  • What contracts you need + when
  • How contracts are formed
  • Most common contract issues + how to avoid them
  • Contract drafting tips
  • The 10 clauses to include in your service contracts
  • What trademarks do for you
  • What can be trademarked
  • Trademark consultation
  • & more

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