• Asset Protection Program

Asset Protection Program

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The Best Trademark Course On The Market


Don't let your brand go unprotected. Say "Hellllllooooo!" to real brand ownership, and say "See ya never!" to copycats— for good. 

So much innovation copied.
So many leaders followed.
So many ideas stolen.


WHY does this continue to happen? Because the online space is competitive, cutthroat, and, more often than not, down right scammy.


We're over it. & We know you are too. 


Brand ownership is within your reach— filing a trademark is the first step. 


The best part? You don't have to go at it alone. 


Asset Protection Program is the proven trademark methodology that combines legal strategy, brand analysis, and live examples on how to file your trademark application in just a few hours. 

The signature approach takes you from brand creator to brand owner, on your own time.


Inside of APP, we walk you through the exact process we've used to secure hundreds of trademark registrations for our law firm clients, so you can take trademarks into your own hands and get the brand ownership you deserve once and for all. 

How does lifetime ownership sounds? Like a dream? Thought so. See you on the inside.


Module 1: The Basics

Learn the lingo with the trademark glossary and take a deep dive into the purpose, process, and timeline of trademarking your brand. 


Module 2: Pre-Application


Determine your trademarks, analyze their strength, discover which class they fall under, and clear the marks with a comprehensive search. 


Module 3: Application


Gather the proper information and necessary evidence then prepare your application for submission. File your application in 20 mins or less. 


Module 4: Pre-Registration


What happens post submission, next steps, potential office actions and how to resolve them, and staying up to date on your application. 


Module 5: Registration


It's time to celebrate because you officially own your brand! Switch the use of symbols and discover your rights and responsibilities as a brand owner. 


Module 6: Maintenance


Just like homeowners have to upkeep their home, you have to upkeep your trademark. Learn how to maintain your mark for the ultimate protection. 

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