• Designer Service Agreement

Designer Service Agreement

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How does never having to worry about what to do when your client doesn’t send materials on time or asks for too many revisions sound to you? Like perfection? Thought so.


If you’re designing brands, logos, websites, graphics or any type of design work, you need a client agreement in place to protect yourself, your intellectual property, and your sanity.  


This template ensures your project timeline stays on track, profit stays in your pockets, and the work product you create remains yours until the contract is complete– because your business is valuable and so are your designs. 


This template is a must have for:

  • New designers ready to start signing clients– wanting to ensure legal bases are covered from the start 
  • Seasoned designers ready to take their design business to the next level– knowing they are protected every step of the way 
  • Designers who have a contract but aren’t sure how legit it really is and are ready to ditch the “cross my fingers & hope for the best” vibes 
  • Designers who want a contract you can trust will protect your business and boundaries when you need it most
  • Designers who are tired of projects dragged on for way too long because a schedule wasn’t in place
  • Designers ready to finally stand up for themselves and their art when people get the designs then bail on payments last minute 
  • Designers ready to experience even more confidence and peace of mind in their client relationships 

Attorney-Drafted: Each template has been created and reviewed by an attorney to ensure you have the protection you need, when you need it most.


Easy to Use, Easy to Understand: Our templates ditch the complicated and confusing legalese so you actually understand what your contract says (& can even confidently explain it to your clients!).


Save Time and Money: No need to invest in expensive legal services; our templates put money back in your pockets by providing you with a quick and easy legal solution! 


Thorough and Comprehensive: Because we understand you, we understand what you need. Lethal templates cover all the clauses you need to ensure you’re set up for success. 


Customizable to Your Needs: Tailor the terms to sync up with how you run your empire, ensuring your contract is perfectly aligned with your business (& boundaries).


Extra Education: It’s not enough for you to just have the legal protection, we want you to UNDERSTAND how it protects you. That’s why every template comes with a video tutorial and walk-through, explaining how it works.


Lifetime Access: Legal isn’t a one and done, and neither are our templates. With each purchase, you get lifetime access to all updates!

All templates from the Lethal Legal Bodega are designed with you in mind: easy to use, easy to understand.


  1. Once purchased, you’ll gain instant access to your new template!
  2. Plug your information into the highlighted areas with your unique information! (Don’t sweat it, we tell you exactly what to put and where to put it)
  3. Add your new contract to CRM, send it to clients,  and release the worry!


In 15 minutes or less, you’ll have brand new legal armor, giving you the protection you need and the clarity you deserve.

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No attorney-client relationship is created by purchasing a product from the Lethal Legal Bodega. The products provided are for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. 




This template is owned and copyrighted by Lethal Legal. Upon purchase, you are granted a single-user license to use this template internally inside of your business. You may not repurpose, sell, or redistribute this template in any way. If you wish to include this template inside of your course, group program, or otherwise offer this template outside of the license granted, please contact hello@yourlethallegal.com to discuss licensing opportunities.

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