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Your Quick + Easy Guide To Going From Lawless To Flawless In Under 60 Minutes! 🚀


Tell me this:

👀 Are you tired of putting the legal side of your business on the back-burner & always wondering "Am I protected enough?"

👀 Do you ever feel like the rest of the world has their LLC filed & you're just stuck trying to figure out what the heck an LLC even stands for? Let alone what it does for you? 

👀 Are you ready to stop wasting so much time trying to google the answers? Because let's be real— there's approximately 900 other things on your plate that deserve your attention. 

Are you ready to say hello to more confidence and goodbye to the stress of leaving your business unprotected)? ( Yes please!) Then we just became bffs.  

👀 Want to file your LLC as easy as you can say 123?

If you answered yes to any of the above... LLC in 123 is for you. 

Module 1: Business Entity Basics:


Discover different types of entities & their protection, how to choose the best one for you. Plus, learn about registered agent information, EIN's, DBA's, and how to pick a state to register in. 


Module 2: Filings & Tutorials:


Follow along as Chandler J. Esq shares her screen and walks you through the step by step process of what site to visit and what information you need to DIY file for your LLC, EIN, and DBA.


Module 3: Next Steps & Changes:


As you evolve, so does your business. Be equip with the knowledge necessary to make changes to your business, including closing your LLC, changing names, moving states, and operating like business.

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